Monday, 26 January 2015

Hey, you Mugs! Size matters!

20 oz on the left, 11 oz on the right

Here is a screen shot from the product page of the 20 oz and 11 oz mug. The size of products in images at Zazzle suffer from the standard disconnect. You want small images that load fast. They bear no relation to the actual size of the object. 

Most egregiously, the image size for the 20 oz mugs is smaller than the image size of the 11 oz mugs. The mug on the left is bigger than the mug on the right. Because the mug is larger, the camera is necessarily farther away to fit it in frame, so, the mug appears smaller. 

I try to turn the image of the larger volume mug so the handle is facing left, so as to distinguish them on the landing page. The larger mug has a different set of size and product options also. 

As I have confessed before, I suffer from some kind of visually dominant, conceptual numerical inadequacy. I am notoriously bad at math, but I can draw perty pictures. So to even say 11 oz or 15 oz means nothing to me. And I am old enough that even as Canada is metric, I still think in feet and inches. It remains a concept I physically relate to. 

Click to embiggen!

The previous default size for mugs at Zazzle was the 15 oz size. So when I saw this mug for real, I said, "Hey, that's a big mug. Cool." I have some legacy mugs which remain set with that as the default.

In the image above, I show the 11 oz and the 15 oz mug. You can change the size on the product page! There are other mug options also that you can choose. The 15 oz mug is 4.5 inches tall and about 4 inches deep inside. Respectively, that is about 11.5 cm and 10.5 cm. I say this for those of you who understand :-)

Thursday, 22 January 2015

There is always time for Pterosaurs!

As we said somewhat earlier, we do occasionally arrange a bit of time travel. It always leaves us impressed. The centipedes are another thing entirely, but who isn't a fan of Pterosaurs? Convergent evolution is the stuff, fer' sure.

A flock of orange Pterosaurs in a brown sky Pillows
A flock of orange Pterosaurs in a brown sky Pillows by samupress
Occasionally one of our furred flying reptile friends mistakes us for snacks. Usually a quick kick to the throat convinces them to let us go, and we hold this delightful pillow beneath our butt for a safe landing.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Grinning cat demented on happy juice

Someone drank two litres of coffee?
This  can only be your mood after the entire pot of coffee has evaporated. Yea, evaporated. I certainly didn't drink a half gallon of black swirly water. I can't imagine just where it has gone. 
Demented orange cat with insane grin
Demented orange cat with insane grin by samupress

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Whimsical hearts and thoughts for Valentine's Day

That 'heart and love' themed holiday is upcoming. With that in mind, I thought I would try to bring some affection themed art and products of mine to your attention.

Follow this map to the secret heart 

It's all about the journey, and the satisfying conclusion. But you do wander around quite a bit first. To get to the end, just follow the dotted line.
The path of the heart coffee mugs
The wandering heart looking for a home

The path of the heart coffee mugs by samupress

Two hearts are better than one

Twins, a pair of hearts sit side by side, paired, matched for the foreseeable future. Pillows are pretty tough to tear apart.
Twin red hearts with droplet throw pillow
A pair of hearts and a soft landing
Twin red hearts with droplet throw pillow by samupress

 Wild Thing. I make your heart sing

Shirts are available a variety of text ink and shirt colours. What some people overlook is that you can set the shirt colour. You want to look good. There are four ink colour styles available in this design, and multiple shirt colours.
Wild Thing white Tshirts
Wild Thing. I make your heart sing.

Wild Thing white Tshirts by samupress

Monday, 12 January 2015

A really hot mug of really hot stuff

Those tiny white embossed letters on white plastic lids just don't do it for me. Declare the state of things. This cup is hot. This coffee is hot. I'm hot. 

Volcanic hot mug with scorching steam
Volcanic hot mug with scorching steam by samupress

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Billowing pillow of hot mug love

I believe the couches of this nation ought to be decorated properly with the things we love. Maccasars. Antimacassars. Felines. Anti-felines. Doilies. Slip covers and anti-slip covers. And pillows. Yes, pillows, and especially anti-pillows. This pillow boldly marks this couch as the couch where you drink your coffee, where hot stuff happens..
Steaming mug throw pillow
Go on, drink your coffee on the couch. I dare you.

Steaming mug throw pillow by samupress

Monday, 5 January 2015

Some baby suits with amusing pictures

So it's the new year. You've probably heard nothing in the news but 'new babies' so far. I don't have babies around anymore, so I don't obviously think of things for these creatures.  But I do understand that people still make these things, and need to dress them. To that end, this small selection of Creepers - really, Creepers?- could help make your day to day interactions more affectionate and amusing.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A clock for forever time.

Contemporary theory supposes that Time doesn't exist independently, that it is actually an effect, in our case, of gravity, a illusion we feel as we constantly accelerate into a gravity well.
Spiral numbers on black and orange wall clock
The never-ending continuity of time

Spiral numbers on black and orange wall clock by samupress

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Black cat invites you to hear it's tale

You have all been so patient, no posts, no pictures. Well we shall try to catch up. Here.
Aaaah, poor kitty. I'm certain it's a very dramatic tale. Probably interesting too. But it is very long isn't it?

Inky black cat with long tail
Inky black cat with long tail by samupress

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

2014 Seasons greetings

Merry Happy Seasonal Joyous Let's Hope the Sun Returns Again Soon Season
Fooling about in Sketches and Over. Much too sardonic, I think. :-)

Friday, 19 December 2014

The cat tale

 A black cat with a long tail

Oh, it's been a while. Some some small health difficulties and some seasonal chores have put a damper on drawing, posts, and product creation. I am obliged, for the time being to walk more everywhere - which takes up drawing and looking time, as well as working out, but that ain't what this is about. There is drawing occurring, and there is product making occurring, and there is an encouraging trickle of seasonal sales. I will be working on banging up a number of new things. You can look for this mug in the new year. Best of the season to everyone.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Be prepared for the future with a new cat calendar

We seem to be obsessed with the passage of time recently. So to better keep track we've prepped a new calendar loaded with cat images, all new for 2015. All the previous calendars are updated, and this new calendar are available here , and waiting for your wall.
continuing cats calendar
Continuing cats calendar by samupress for 2015