The dog with attitude who doesn't care

Style is the only thing that counts. You have to stand out. You must be different. And merely being startling isn't enough. You have to wear it with panache. You have to own it. You could wear a bucket, but you wear it with attitude and no one can do a thing but gasp in awe.

Nosey attitude dog with stylish tail
I don’t care what you think

Nosey attitude dog with stylish tail by samupress

Why, yes, it comes in mugs.

Mugs, the regular 11 oz size and large 20 oz mugs


The Earth asks if it's hot in here.

I'm told that ducks are psychic. No, they aren't quacks. But their opinion of anyone who refuses to believe what they tell you is profoundly accurate. No, I don't know why they choose to nest here in this urban neighbourhood quite a distance from the river, but up atop a hill. Maybe they're expecting water?


Hey! The Earth is asking you a question.


The t-shirt for the discerning, witty, sexy AGW knowledge expert.

Hot earth word balloon asks, "Is it me?
Is it hot here? or is it just me?

Hot earth word balloon asks, "Is it me? by samupress
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A lot of cat art collected in one place

A vast collection of cat art, a cat gallery
Google+ has implemented the collections feature, which allows you to curate a collection of posts about a theme. I have saved a few collections. This is the stream of posts about the cat art images and this goes to my shared photos on Google drive, where the cats album is near the top.

So browse.

The retro roaring red lion clock

Lord it over time. You can glance side-long at this commanding, roaring inspiration to remind you to seize the day. Or at least howl about it stylishly. And you can make the statement with a variety of Retro roaring red lion mugs.

The coffee luv cat clock

Heart eyes coffee luv cat
There's always time for me!

Four things come together in this clock: time, love, coffee and cats.

Black purry lump of cat purrs

Round sausage black cat purring
A sausage-shaped black cat purrs

Rather than allowing this boy to sleep all over my chest and face, where he prefers to sleep, we’ve come to an arrangement where he stretches out along my chest, on my arm against the wall of the couch resulting in this long sausage purring very loudly in my ear.
Black purry lump cat purrs

The coffee medicine woman prescribes caffeine

Two women, one serving medicine
You're just tired my dear, you need some caffeine.
As a miracle cure, coffee, no doubt, rates right up there with other drug based medicinals of the period. It has survived through all of the other sugar, alcohol, and cocaine based tinctures being banned, licensed or branded away. Surely a modern miracle drug safe enough that even women doctors use and prescribe it!
Two women with a candlestick basic white mug
Two women with a candlestick basic white mug by samupress

Three introspective black cats consider

Three cats considering
Three black cats. Deeper and deeper. What are we thinking? Well, it'll surely take a brief sit-down and a cup of coffee to figure out, if you can slip into those cat minds. The full drawing appears on mugs at the zazzle store.

The image was cropped for drama and focus and artsy-fartsy design reasons. The mug pictured above is available at the Society6 store.

Four nice niche postcards

Four fresh and unique postcards from Europe

Original art postcards from faraway places

The places seem so far away now, but the drawings are fresh and original, drawn on location in Florence, Venice and Paris.
Girl in Paris was drawn from memory and a quick glance as she rolled through traffic and was gone. Galileo was happy to stand perfectly still for me, posing in his niche. And the police building watched judiciously as we ate and drank across the canal.
The promontory and coastline near Vernazza graciously moved about to make a better composition, though that is the blue.

Little lost cat in the city

I think I would like to go home
I passed this little guy on a walk home. This busy street is a kind of a border, a highway really, down the centre of the city. He seemed quite uncertain about where he was, but responded to a quick sit down talk about how he’d better get away from that busy street and find his way back home.
  Little lost cat in the busy city basic white mug
Little lost cat in the busy city basic white mug by samupress

Calico cat apologizes for exploding

Sorry! I didn't mean to explode.
This most marvellous manifestation of feline fine art comes in two versions, one with explanatory text, and one without, in case you really need to know what that cat might be thinking, or really, you want to figure it out for yourself. And that is kind of because I am torn between presenting the art pure and unadorned or adding humourous explanations. And this of course presents you with the ideal of capitalist consumption: choice.