Friday, 6 March 2015

Calico cat flump and spotty lumps on red

We seem to be having a run on crazy cat art images. Crazy cats. Crazy art. Crazy images. In this one, a shape starts out as a cat, but then, lost, bones indistinguishable in clumps of long white fur, just gives up and resolves in colour blobs. "But I want to be a cat!", cries the expression. No! you are furry blobs! Just blob and be done with it.

Abstract calico cat cartoon lump
Abstract calico cat cartoon lump by samupress

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Black cat on violet blue

Art. About cats. Seems to be what we do. This. A portrait. He checks, eye to eye with you before he sleeps. 

Black cat looks out from violet-blue
Black cat looks out from violet-blue by samupress

Monday, 2 March 2015

Cat admits that coffee is necessary

Start your day with a confession of your weakness. Display your passion openly. Admit there is only one essential love in your life. Coffee. You can't lift your head off the floor without it.

Coffee is Necessary for flat head cat Coffee Mugs
Coffee is Necessary for flat head cat Coffee Mugs by samupress

Friday, 27 February 2015

Crazy orange cat with toothy grin

See. It's not our fault. We are being toyed with by powers beyond our control. There's nothing we can do about it anyway. It's Catogenic Global Warming. It's a conspiracy by Internet LOLcats to make the planet a warm cozy place for naps!

Crazy Orange Cat with Toothy Grin Coffee Mug
Crazy Orange Cat with Toothy Grin Coffee Mug by samupress

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The cat smells onions

Cat smells onions
This is for the fans of onions, for those who like onions, the scent, as blown by the fan. Always cook onions below the fan. Then the scent is sent and the fan has fun. For some though, the scent isn't fun. For those folks we need a not-fan, for the scent sent isn't fun.

Cat smelling onions jumbo mugs
Cat smelling onions jumbo mugs by samupress

Monday, 23 February 2015

Hot orange textured cat mug

Designed just for looking. This is a stylized, abstract cat in warm yellows and orange spotted patterns, a moire-like texture. All this eye candy needs a form to fill. It's art, kids. Did you know that hot chocolate tastes better in an orange cup?
Hot orange textured cat shape jumbo mug
Hot orange textured cat shape jumbo mug by samupress

Thursday, 19 February 2015

A slate of great greeting cards

I am really up in the air about how to handle greeting cards and notecards. Writing witty, funny texts and slogans and jokes is also very hard work. It feels like greeting cards always need some text, some prepackaged sentiments. Obviously this makes the buyers choice easier because everything is thought out for them. When I have sold cards at shows and little art fairs, people say they buy them for the images, to start their own little art gallery, and they can then also write for themselves what they want to say.

So, there is a case for blank cards, and a case for 'complete' cards.

With that said I suspect the market for cards online is conventional and convenient, maybe unusual, or customizable. At the same time, the only money to be made is in bulk purchases by the customer. But the images I make are clearly unique, original, personal, lean toward the unconventional and cry out for personalization and customization.

So much of my online stock here is in various stages of seemingly complete, and seemingly incomplete. I am working on a set of cards with text and sentiments, unique, retro and punny funny.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Five Volcano Cats comic landscape

We do travel to some distant and exotic places. You, as always, are the beneficiary of whatever images we manage to record, like this panoramic photo brought back from our most recent voyage.
A surreal, comic landscape of five black and orange triangles which have become confused cats, which have become volcanoes as cats with smoke billowing out of their heads.

Friday, 13 February 2015

The Plumped Hairback haunts your mug

The Great Plumped Hairback
Wandering lonely as a cloud, which he surely resembles, his cry haunts the plains. He's coming for your coffee.

A Beast Coffee Mugs
A Beast Coffee Mugs by samupress

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Dragon under a dark sky needs coffee

Here be dragons. Well, one dragon anyway. One dragon who looks like she needs a cup of coffee. Dragon also has a page in the 20 Monsters book, and really, only as a warning that things aren't so serious.

Dragon under a dark sky mugs
Dragon under a dark sky mugs by samupress

Monday, 9 February 2015

You need more monsters in your life

20 Monsters is my iTunes iPad book of cartoons and doggerel. I drew ‘em. I wrote ‘em. They are expressions of anxiety and fear like any good monsters should be.
It continues to download in dribs and drabs, lost for certain in the vast iTunes iBook universe. Not unlike, I’m certain, about a million other books.
A Golden Gnarff monster mug

Drawn and coloured in the Paper by 53 app, before the Pencil stylus came along, these are all wonderfully antediluvian digital finger paintings, quirky and idiosyncratic personal monsters of a sometimes dark and satirical humour – not at all realistic or in any way of a contemporary art style niche, but uniquely me, for sure.
The Slabifus monster mug
The Slabifus 
Each page of this continuing-to-be-free digital booklet features an absurd cartoon monster accompanied by a fanciful and satirical doggerel poem.
Bilabial Footaped monster mug
Bilabial Footaped 
A Wild Fleesik monster Mug
A Wild Fleesik 
You want to be an appreciator of the odd, with an ear for dancing onomatopoeic words and names, someone whose imagination is unlocked, someone weaned on Lear and Seuss – or even a child.
The Mini Howlagrowl Mug
The Mini Howlagrowl